The trek up Momotombo is known as the most difficult climb in Nicaragua. It is found in the part of Leon close to Leon Viejo and the Xolotlán Lake. In the eruption of 1610 caused the destruction of the first Spanish settlement in Nicaragua, founded by Francisco Hernandez de Córdoba, whose remains lie close to the volcano in Leon Viejo. The Momotombo volcano reaches 1297m in altitude. Its last eruption was in 2015.


Tour (1 day):

Adventuring on the Momotombo Tour requires an early departure. We will leave Purpose Driven Tours at 5:30am and we always ask you to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before departure time. After we welcome you and introduce ourselves and the Purpose Driven Tours mission, we will walk 15 minutes to the bus terminal where we will board a bus to the town center of La Paz Centro (45 minutes). Then we will take a motor-taxi to the trail head of Momotombo where we will begin the hike. The first part of this hike is easy, clean and has little vegetation. The last part is the most difficult because it is steep and there is a lot of sand and loose volcanic rock that make the ascent difficult. It takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to reach the summit of Momotombo, but once you are on the top you can enjoy the breath-taking view of Managua Xolotlán lake, Momotombito, part of Leon Viejo, and on a clear day the Ometepe Island. But more importantly you will have the satisfaction of having climbed one of the tallest and most difficult volcanoes in Nicaragua.

Not far from the summit at a flat place where we sometimes camp, we will eat lunch before starting our descent. At the road we will take a motor-taxi to the city center of La Paz Centro where they make the best quesillos, a typical national food of Nicaragua. From La Paz Centro we will make the last leg of our journey to Leon by bus (45 minutes). We will arrive back at Purpose Driven Tours at 5:00pm

Price: $40                    Minimum required persons: 4

Price includes guide, transportation, permission to enter and a snack.

What should you bring?

Shoes or boots fit for the hike, breakfast and lunch, 4 liters of water, a bandana, sunscreen, sun glasses, hat and camera.


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