El Hoyo


El Hoyo

El Hoyo is an active volcano and a part of the volcanic range of Los Maribios. It gets its name from its unique crater that is in the form of a hole (el Hoyo in Spanish).

El Hoyo is just 25km from the city center of Leon, It reaches 1,050m. The last eruption of this volcano was in 1954. It is a part of a complex of volcanoes including Las Pilas, which you must venture through to get to El Hoyo volcano, and Asososca, Asososca having a beautiful, secluded lake where you can go swimming at the end of your hike.


Tour (1 day):

We will leave Purpose Driven Tours at 7:00am and we always ask you to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before departure time. After we welcome you and introduce ourselves and the Purpose Driven Tours mission, we will travel via private transportation to El Hoyo and Las Pilas Nature Reserve (1 hour). You will be able to feel the energy provided by nature as we leave the rural city of Leon and enter into the jungle that is a Nature Reserve. You will be able to ask our experienced, amiable guides anything concerning the wildlife and surrounding communities. From the Welcome Center of the Nature Reserve we will begin our ascent of Las Pilas volcano which we must climb in order to reach El Hoyo volcano. The first hour of this hike requires a lot of determination and stamina from hikers; it is steep and you are exposed to the sun, but we are always willing to pause for water and resting. We want to go at a comfortable pace for everyone going on the tour. After the first hour, we will rest under a small cabana and eat lunch and take a while to reenergize ourselves. The remaining 3 hours of our ascent becomes flatter and there is more tree cover that provides shade. We should summit the volcano around noon. Here we will take a break and take time to explore the area and surrounding views. You are able to gaze out upon Lake Asososca, Our guides will provide basic information as to how volcanoes work and what causes their formation and eruption. We will begin our descent around 1:30pm in order to arrive back at Purpose Driven Tours Leon at 4:30pm.

You have the option of going back down the way we hiked up, or you can chose to descend down to La Laguna Asososca where we can go for a swim before going back to Leon. This option requires we leave Purpose Driven Tours at 6:00am and puts us back in Leon closer to 6:00pm.


Price: $ 40                   Minimum required persons: 4

El Hoyo+Laguna Asososca: $45


Price includes guide, entrance fees to the nature reserve, transportation, and a snack.


What should you bring?

Shoes or boots fit for the hike, lunch and extra snacks, 4 liters of water, sunscreen, sun glasses, hat and camera.


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